The Cave of Evil or Only Who You Take With You

After a long walk the part reached what appeared to be holes in a rocky area. There were several holes and you asked Starkis which holes were safe to enter.

Starkis, who at this time was bound by a rope, indicated one of them as an entrance that was safest to enter as the others would be guarded.

You entered one by one through the hole, but after two of the group and Starkis had entered, two huge spiders attacked from the shadows. Starkis went missing in the melee, but the rest of the party entered the cavern and defeated the spiders. During the combat, one of the party searched for Starkis but was unable to track him on the stone floor.

The cavern was searched and slowly mapped out, with some NightSpot mushrooms being spotted and bagged. Eventually the group noticed some sounds from the tunnel being explored, and the snuck into a large open cavern with some bats and small shadowed humanoids. They immediately attacked, and during the combat a pale human looking creature entered and cast sorceries against the party. Partway through the combat Starkis reentered the room and helped the party finish off the enemies.

After the combat the party agreed not to rebind Starkis because he had helped them, and they

With previous little time to spend if the party intended making it back to origin before nightfall and not being washed away in the nightly deluge, you searched the room. A few items were found. The defeated wight’s body was searched and a pendant was found, as well as an expeditionary’s badge.

It was at this point you noticed it was not yet dead.

Scoup de Jour

Approaching the device that was your destination, you noticed several rotten bodies walking nearby.

Close to the device you noticed a furry creature – a wererat – inspecting some damaged areas.

Your party charged the rotten creatures, and were ambushed by some burrowing Kruthics, desert bullets.

You easily defeated the enemies, noticing that some areas of sand assisted your attacks if you stood on them. The wererat was not killed, but quite hurt. You interrogated him for information, and he revealed that he lived not in the city, but in a cave to the north. He also told you he was specifically sent to the device to look for artefacts on behalf of ‘him’.

Lucas’ character attempted to divine the purpose of the device, but was unable to.

The wererat, Starkis offered to guide you ther if you would heal his broken leg. You obliged and began north.

To the Beetle End

Your groupd had been given a special mission, to find out what was wrong with a device of the city lying to the north of the dome, as well as the usual collection of artefacts.

You encountered some fire beetles in some of their mounds. After defeating them you found the bodies of several expeditionaries nearby, obviously killed by the beetles. Amongst them you noticed some tracks leading off in the general direction you were heading, possibly a survivor?

After following them they began to veer north from the westerly direction you had been instructed to go. Despite the limited time you had to get to your destination and back within daylight, you decided to follow them.

Abruptly the track ended, with no sign of where the maker of the tracks had gone. Some members of the group though perhaps the survivor? had sunk into the sand, and the group dug for some time, becoming tired and thirsty. Eventually, the party gave up and continued west.

Setting out

The group assembled at Expeditionary Square to begin a Great Expedition after the recent drawing of the curtain. As a squad newly out from training you, you stood out amongst the more experienced Expeditionaries.

The square of scouts was beseeched by Anquar Questram to watch over your fellow man, before you lined up to receive the day bag from the Attendants.

Another squad consisting entirely of dwarfs noticed you, and a cocky young dwarf dressed in newly pressed armour made a bet with you for 100gp that he could collect more artefacts than you. A couple of your group also made a deal with a rather well-dressed but nonetheless dirty orc to gather some NightSpot mushrooms for his kitchen.

You all refused the blessing of the Augurtars, and one of your group, a paladin of a shunned god, insulted them.

After receiving your bag from the Attendants, you set out into the desert.

The Story So Far

Months now, the images have played across the dark side of your
eyelids, a series of eddies and currents within what has always been a tranquil pool of deepest blue. The water, constant motif of your dreamful sleep, is restless…

Turin, the Patriarch and ruler of all that are Origin, has announced through the All-speaker that the newest expeditionary team; yours, is to be sent out into the wastes beyond Origin. Today is the first day this month that the shroud has shown the sun and the moon above it, instead of an opaque blackness, an omen that treasures will surely have fallen from the flood, awaiting your collection.


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