Nathis Lucre

Scion of the Lucre household. The bad guy in karate kid.


Has a short beard.
Penchant for wearing overly fancy armours.


A young and impetuous dwarven expeditionary, Nathis has successfully completed training with the Fighters guild, but has yet to achieve maturity in the eyes of his people, denoted by the shortness of his beard, which only extends to the base of his neck. Nathis compensates for this with an aggressive and competitive relationship with other Expeditionaries, and by wearing opulent styles of clothing and equipment, purchased with the aid of his father Torthis’ fortune. Torthis, a disinterested father, indulges Nathis’s behaviour and desires, but otherwise sees little use for him as yet. Nathis is always accompanied by his loyal sycophants/relations; Bathis and Grathis.

His actions so far…

Nathis has met the PC’s at the Expeditionaries Briefing. He and his group have challenged the PC’s to bring back more artefacts than them, with 100GP riding on the result

Nathis Lucre

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