Setting out

The group assembled at Expeditionary Square to begin a Great Expedition after the recent drawing of the curtain. As a squad newly out from training you, you stood out amongst the more experienced Expeditionaries.

The square of scouts was beseeched by Anquar Questram to watch over your fellow man, before you lined up to receive the day bag from the Attendants.

Another squad consisting entirely of dwarfs noticed you, and a cocky young dwarf dressed in newly pressed armour made a bet with you for 100gp that he could collect more artefacts than you. A couple of your group also made a deal with a rather well-dressed but nonetheless dirty orc to gather some NightSpot mushrooms for his kitchen.

You all refused the blessing of the Augurtars, and one of your group, a paladin of a shunned god, insulted them.

After receiving your bag from the Attendants, you set out into the desert.


landerah landerah

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