Scoup de Jour

Approaching the device that was your destination, you noticed several rotten bodies walking nearby.

Close to the device you noticed a furry creature – a wererat – inspecting some damaged areas.

Your party charged the rotten creatures, and were ambushed by some burrowing Kruthics, desert bullets.

You easily defeated the enemies, noticing that some areas of sand assisted your attacks if you stood on them. The wererat was not killed, but quite hurt. You interrogated him for information, and he revealed that he lived not in the city, but in a cave to the north. He also told you he was specifically sent to the device to look for artefacts on behalf of ‘him’.

Lucas’ character attempted to divine the purpose of the device, but was unable to.

The wererat, Starkis offered to guide you ther if you would heal his broken leg. You obliged and began north.


landerah landerah

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